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للقسم الأهلي

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E-Learning Guidelines for Students

  • Make sure you have high internet speed,

  • Make sure you attend your virtual class in a quiet and well-lit area

  • Make sure to have your book and notepad next to you before starting the class

  • Show up dressed properly and formally, well-groomed and organized.

  • Remember to say “please” and “thank you” when asking for help from your teacher

  • Stay on topic. Do not post or say irrelevant comments, links, thoughts or pictures

  • Before asking/ posting your question to the discussion board, check if anyone has asked it already and received a reply

  • Do not type in all caps

  • Follow the teacher’s instructions during the virtual class, keep your questions at the end of the course or post it in your teacher account

E-Learning Guidelines for Parents

  • Parents may view school agenda, timetable, course description on school website and school platform

  • Parents are expected to help their child set up the computer, iPad or laptop for e-learning

  • Parents may communicate with the school regarding any concern they have by school’s communication channels mentioned in the website or the platform

  • Parents may visit the school campus for any inquiry or if they need any assistance with the student

  • Parents are not allowed to interrupt the teacher during virtual class, by posting a comment or speaking. This may result in muting the student the rest of the course. Parents can communicate with the teacher by sending an email to the teacher, team leader or school principal, or chat during meeting sessions with the teacher or any administration staff.

  • Establish a routine for your child, it is very critical for learning

  • Set reasonable expectations for your child

  • Stay in touch with the school

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