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Delta Schools

International Section


Firm Steps Toward A Promising Future




Centered on learning by activities and developing their social skills

This stage is centered on building the foundation for the child's academic and social learning.

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Centered to help students obtain the common core of knowledge and competencies, preparing them before moving into high school.

Focused on developing their required skills and readiness to pursue higher education.

About The School


The campus is fully prepared to achieve highest educational standards,well-designed programs, highly equipped facilities such as Labs, Libraries, Virtual Classrooms, Media Centers and Gyms

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​​​​​All levels starting from Kindergarten - Primary School - Middle School - High School

School’s environment caters student educational needs & social growth


Digital learning is integrated in all subjects


Delta extra-curricular activity programs include AI,  STEM, Technology, Computer Science and Sports


Educational Program

Delta offers an extensive selection of K-12 Educational International Programs and digital curriculum. Students can attend classes, media center and Laboratories to enjoy interactive learning through Online links and virtual experiments and videos.

The school focuses on character building throughout the school activities and extra-curricular programs.

The 4-years-old kindergarten program is centered on learning by activities and social emotional learning, early literacy and early numeracy, all precursors to future learning success.

The 5-years-old Kindergarten through grade two is when students learn to English Language Skills, core concepts of mathematics and practical science.

students begin academic and career planning to lead them into high school with clear goals for achieving their post-high school education and career plan. Social-emotional growth continues with the support of guidance. We utilize the restorative justice circle approach to providing students with opportunities to learn to work and solve problems together.

Students transition
from learning to read to reading to learn


Building on their primary experiences, students engage in increasingly complex informational texts to develop critical thinking skills and solve increasingly complex math, to develop algebraic thinking. Starting in fourth grade, students have the opportunity study literature, introduction to engineering and of course social studies. In addition, students participate in art, clubs, and physical education multiple times each week, and receive guidance instruction to help children with their social-emotional growth.

High School focused on achieving

individual goals


Delta School is a three-year comprehensive high school focused on college-career readiness for all students. The school train students on SAT and Cambridge Examinations.

Delta is proud of our student’s graduation rate, attending 4-year and 5-year engineering, medicine, pharmacy, and business colleges.

Tuition Fees

International Section - American Curriculum

G 10 - 12

G 7 - 9

G 1 - 6


Education Level

28,500 SR

24,500 SR

22,500 SR

18,500 SR

Annual Fee

3rd Child

2nd Child

1st Child

Siblings discount

Delta News

School Activity

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