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الأسئلة الشائعة

How can we help you?

  • Does the school have a program that supports non-Arabic speaking students?
    Yes, the school offers a program dedicated specifically for teaching national identity subjects that provide all the necessary skills and information needed.
  • Do the schools qualify the students for Abilities and achievement (القدرات والتحصيلي ) tests?
    Yes, the schools provide basic classes in the school schedule, a training package, pivotal tests, and level monitoring. What
  • What are the added values in the schools?
    The schools provide a number of supportive programs, such as the reading support program in Arabic and English in the national and international tracks, as well as the play therapy program designated for special education students. In addition, the schools help prepare the students for the university community in cooperation with a university in Lebanon by broadcasting 3 basic semesters of courses such as design / technology / business administration.
  • What distinguishes the schools from others?
    - The schools’ initiative of solving assignments during the school day to help create balance in the student’s life. - A keen interest in cultivating values that contribute to the development of the student’s personality.
  • Who are the administrative departments operating the schools?
    The schools were distinguished by using a group of male and female administrators with both academic and practical backgrounds and experiences.
  • Are there programs that support talent?
    Yes, the schools monitor everything that comes to the educational field, including programs that support talent, such as kangaroos, recitation/speech competitions, and the language Olympics.
  • Is it possible to enter the school’s campus and take a tour?
    We currently have a technical virtual reality feature via this link:
  • What are the nationalities of the students in the classes?
    Different and diverse nationalities
  • What are the facilities provided by the school?
    Many facilities such as outdoor playgrounds for various types of sports / computer labs / language labs / music halls / studios / course labs / artificial intelligence labs / libraries.
  • Are there medical health care facilities in the schools?
    Yes, the schools provide medical health care facilities in both sectors, providing only the necessary and urgent services.
  • What is the required age for kindergarten students?
    The school follows the age provided by the ministry of education as given below: - Age 3-4 -> Kindergarten 1 - Age 4-5 -> Kindergarten 2 - Age 5-6 -> Kindergarten 3
  • What is the discount for siblings?
  • How many students are in the classes?
    - Kindergarten and primary grades -> 18-20 students - Senior grades and above -> 24 students
  • Do the schools provide transportation for the students?
    Yes, the schools use a long-established transportation company that provides the service to all parts of Riyadh and its neighborhoods. The schools annually announce the headquarters of the company’s representative to direct the parents for immediate registration.
  • Is there a standardized acceptance/admission test?
    Yes, the test measures the student’s skills in the essential/core subjects only; If the student fails the admission test, the school offers the opportunity of a conditional admission to advance the student’s level.
  • What is the nationality of the academic and administrative staffs in the schools?
    There are different nationalities, all of which possess the appropriate qualifications for teaching the subjects, sufficient experience, and a vocational license.
  • Is there educational supervision at every level?
    Yes, each level has an academic supervisor with extensive academic experience in the department to consistently support the educational process.
  • Does the school have the full day system?
    No, the school only provides the solving assignments during the school day system.
  • How does the school follow up on parents' feedback?
    لدى المدرسة مكتب مختص بعلاقات أولياء الأمور. كذلك إيميل لتلقي الملاحظات وحلها خلال 24 ساعة من وصولها الى حين إغلاق الملحوظة كما يمكنكم الدخول على دلتا كير من خلال الرابط وملء نموزج خاص لتلقي جميع الملاحظات وحلها عن طريق الضغط على الرابط أدناه The school has a parent relations office as well as an email ( to receive remarks/complaints/notes and resolve them within 24 hours of their arrival until resolution.
  • What is the approved curriculum in the international track?
    Delta International Schools use the American curriculum Harcourt.(HMH)
  • What is the English language curriculum in the National track?
    Delta National Schools use (Wonders) for the Primary level and (Study Sync) for the Intermediate and secondary level.
  • What is the timing used in the school day?
    We follow the Ministry’s system in the summer and winter school days, with flexibility/suitability allowed for the National schools.
  • Are there any programs or channels of communication between the school and the student’s parents?
    Yes, there is an official communication group on WhatsApp / Telegram / the interactive platform / official email / office.
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